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Design irrigation

A high-performance automatic sprinkler system is a necessity both to protect our environment and to obtain a quality lawn.

IDBD offers to study your irrigation needs whether you have an old installation to modernize or a new site to equip.

A high-performance automatic sprinkler system designed and controlled  by IDBD will contribute to  :

  • Improve the quality of your lawns and green spaces

  • Reduce your water and energy consumption

  • Rationalize the employment of your workforce

  • Ensure a long service life for your installation for  a controlled cost of ownership

Expertise and advice services in technical, financial and administrative matters

Our Servuces

Brittany American Cemetery

Renovation of the sprinklers systems

Complete engineering mission

Technical studies

Every sprinkler system is different. IDBD designs each project taking into account the various constraints of the site, its operation and compatibility with the financial envelope of the Client.  



IDBD carries out the audit of the sprinkler installation in order to verify its efficiency, its operational level and its remaining operating potential.

Assistance with works contracts

During the transition to the project implementation stage, IDBD assists the Client to consult installation companies and equipment suppliers

Civil engineering

IDBD has skills in the design of works and structures for water regulation

Work monitoring

A high-performance and reliable automatic sprinkler system over a very long period of time depends on the quality of the installation work.  irreproachable.

IDBD assists the Client to control the perfect execution of the works



The advanced possibilities of high efficiency sprinkler systems deserve to be understood and utilized. 


Would you like to know more?

If you want to know more details about customized services  that IDBD can offer you concerning your existing or future irrigation installation, you can send us an email describing your project. We will be happy to answer you.

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