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Work monitoring

IDBD checks the conformity and compatibility of the execution plans, assembly diagrams, operating methods, equipment and tools, work management and the Health and Safety protocols proposed by the Contractor.


During site visits, IDBD checks:

  • Sprinkler picketing

  • Compliance of materials and equipment

  • Compliance between the technical specifications and the installation methods

  • The tests carried out by the Contractor as required by the technical specifications

  • The construction of the computerized control system database

  • Regular updating of proofing plans


IDBD assists the Client for the acceptance of the installation. IDBD checks:

  • The File of Executed Works

  • Final as-built plan

  • User training by the Contractor

  • The commissioning tests and acceptance tests of the sprinkler installation

  • Establishing any reservations, monitoring corrective actions and lifting reservations

  • The final account established by the Contractor

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