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Complete audit adapted to the specific needs of the irrigation projects

IDBD analyzes, measures and evaluates all the components of the irrigation system in order to find the nonconformities, the levels of wear and aging which explain the dysfunctions and losses of performance or which present potential risks. The audit is an observation of what already exists which is accompanied by recommendations looking to the future in order to define and respond to new needs and constraints. The audit includes a comparative study of the water and energy consumption of the existing installation compared to a high-efficiency irrigation installation as well as a comparative analysis of operating costs.  

IDBD considers the audit to be a preliminary and essential step in the preparation of a future renovation of the installation. Meeting with stakrholders who have experience of the existing system is essential to define the future equipment program and its phasing. The operating staff are made aware of the new demands for quality and playability of the turf, which must combine with an increasing emphasis on water and energy conservation. The audit recommendations outline the possible solutions to achieve these objectives.  

The audit recommendations are aimed at reducing water consumption and as a corollary to reduce quantitatively and qualitatively the impact on the water source mobilized by the irrigation. In this regard, the costs of auditing and acquiring hydro-economical technical solutions can be subsidized by the water agencies.

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