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Golf Course

IDBD's skills at the service of your sporting or ornamental turf-space

Automatic watering installation_edited.jpg

Automatic irrigation systems

Audit, design and monitoring of works of automatic irrigation systems for golf courses, racetracks, sports fields, parks, landscaped cemeteries ...

Pumping station.jpg

Pumping stations

Audit, design and monitoring of work of highly energy efficient pump stations,  in-line booster, irrigation water filtration systems, telemetry and SCADA systems. 



Advice, design and monitoring of ferti-irrigation and pH rectification systems.

Body of water.jpg

Water body

Advice and design of ecological solutions to fight against the eutrophication of water bodies. Skills in the design of works and structures for water regulation (dam - reservoir complex).

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Geographic information system

Carrying out topographic surveys by satellite positioning system. The elements of an existing irrigation system or one under construction are mapped for audit and / or operational purposes. IDBD uses drone orthophotography to produce CAD plans in dwg format in order to allow data exchange with other stakeholders and integration into the map software of computerized control systems.

Thorough mastery of QGIS software for processing raster and vector image formats, as well as for databases.

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