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American cemetery of Brittany.png

Brittany American Cemetery

Ilbarritz International Golf Training Center

Legend Golf Course - Bellemare - Mauritius

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The project to renovate the irrigation system at the American cemetery in Brittany involved a complete owner assistance mission (AMO) to ensure the durability and performance of the installation. This mission included an in-depth study of the existing condition aimed at maintaining the landscape harmony of the site while optimizing watering efficiency and reducing water consumption.

Normandy American Cemetery.jpg

Normandy American Cemetery

For the project to renovate the irrigation system at the International Training Center at the Ilbarritz Golf Course, particular attention was paid to the modernization and optimization of the system to meet the evolving requirements of the infrastructure and users. This included the integration of cutting-edge water management technologies, including the use of soil moisture sensors and computerized control systems, thus ensuring precise and economical water distribution.

Romagne-sous-montfaucon American Cemetery.jpg

American Cemetery of Romagne -sous-Montfaucon

Project Owner assistance deployed for the renovation of the watering system of the Legend Golf Course in Bellemare, Mauritius, aiming for modernization in line with new standards of sustainability and efficiency. The process was initiated by a detailed study of the existing site, followed by the design of an innovative irrigation system, equipped with humidity sensors and automated control devices. The objective of this mission was to ensure precise and rational irrigation, thus reducing losses and the impact on the environment.

Golf de la Gruyère.jpg

Gruyère Golf

Renovation of the watering installation at the Normandy American Cemetery.

A complete AMO mission was carried out with the aim of improving the watering infrastructure, while preserving the historic character of the site. The project began with an in-depth audit of the irrigation equipment and an analysis of the specific requirements of the property.



Our expertise was requested by the City of Vitry-sur-Seine to carry out a complete audit of their watering installations and computerized control systems. This mission involved a detailed assessment of the current state of the equipment, as well as recommendations to optimize their operation and efficiency. Our team provided tailor-made solutions to meet the specific needs of the City, while guaranteeing sustainable and economical management of their water resources.

Somme American Cemetery.jpg

Somme American Cemetery

AMO's operation for the Somme American Cemetery focused on the renovation and improvement of the existing irrigation system, with a deep commitment to maintaining the historic integrity of the site. The civil engineering mission includes the complete renovation of the 500 underground water tank.

AMO's overall intervention undertaken for the modernization of the irrigation system and water network at the American cemetery of Romagne-sous-Montfaucon aimed to renovate the hydraulic systems in place, while preserving the memorial dignity of the place. The design of renewed irrigation equipment, incorporating innovations such as humidity sensors. A supervisory control and data acquisition, was developed to ensure regulation of  the various water resources. The civil engineering mission includes the complete renovation of the 500 water tank.

Golf Montpellier Massane

Golf Monpellier Massane

Our team successfully led the complete renovation of the irrigation system at the Montpellier Massane Golf Course. Thanks to our in-depth expertise, we have modernized the system, ensuring precise water distribution while reducing losses. Our collaboration has improved not only the performance of the course, but also its environmental sustainability, thus strengthening the reputation of the Golf de Montpellier Massane as a leading golf destination.

The audit and design mission for the Gruyère golf course is part of a renovation process aimed to reduce the water usage and improve the game of golf on this course. The mission took into consideration environmental and financial imperatives, with the objectives of minimizing water consumption and optimizing operational espenses, while improving thr quality and playability of the course.

Flandersfield American Cemetery.jpg

Flandersfield American Cemetery

The mission undertaken for the Flandersfield American Cemetery aimed to renovate the irrigation system, reconciling technical modernity and respect for historical heritage. The project began with a precise diagnosis of the irrigation system in place. The design of a renovated irrigation system, equipped with advanced technologies, aims for controlled and economical irrigation. The civil engineering mission includes the complete renovation of the 100 underground water tank.

Golf of Saint Martin de Crau.jpg

Golf of Saint Martin de Crau

The audit of the automatic watering installation at the Saint Martin de Crau Golf Course was undertaken to assess the performance and efficiency of the existing system. The complete analysis covered the irrigation devices, the distribution network and the automated programming.

Isabella Golf.jpg

Isabella Golf

The audit carried out on the automatic irrigation system at the Isabella golf course made it possible to precisely assess the efficiency and performance of the installation. The review revealed improvements needed to optimize water consumption and adapt the system to varying environmental conditions. The mission included the full renovation of the pumps with a state of art on-demand energy efficient pumping system.

French Tennis Federation.jpg

French Tennis Federation

Our team had the privilege of carrying out a feasibility study for the French Tennis Federation of rainwater harvesting for the watering clay tennis courts. This mission involved an in-depth analysis of the different technical, environmental and economic aspects of the harvesting and use of rainwater for watering the Tennis courts using non-conventional water.

Our recommendations made it possible to assess the viability of this sustainable practice and provide innovative solutions to optimize watering efficiency while reducing the environmental footprint.

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